Laurice (Larry) Bennett

I have just finished the installation of a Model 24 Versa Lift. I had no problems and I wanted to comment on the packing and shipping of your product. I was totally impressed with the care and protection of all of the parts and pieces during the preparation for shipping. Even though there were scuffs on the package, the unit wass re-packaged inside and did not have a mark or scratch. It was so well secured in the package that I was not able to retain the box for warranty purposes as the directions stated. Speaking of directions, they were clear and easy to read and follow. It is an extremely well engineered and well-built product that you should be proud of each time one leaves your plant. I was impressed!

Dee Jerome

Just as an FYI we had Paul install the Versa Lift and Versa Rail.  We love the product and feel that it’s one of the best investments we’ve made. I have shared the information with several friends here at work as well as my brother-in-law and nephew who are homebuilders. And I believe that one of my friends has already made arrangements to have the Versa Lift installed in his new home.  Just wanted you to know that I think you have a great product.

Susan Cashon

They installed my attic lift last week. I am very pleased with their work and staff. The Versa Lift has given me the ability to utilize the attic space Not only is it like having a new storage room, but this allows for more free space in the garage. I love my new toy! I appreciate your help.